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- Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment to avoid fee.

» Ionithermie cellulite treatment & bodyshaping - Unique detox method -incredible results! New in Sweden!

» Natural Facelift - A soothing relaxing treatment that gives your face a nice lift!.. New!

» Swedish classic massage - Releaves muscle tension in your body and gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation..

» Therapeutic massage - focuses on a specific problem for example tension headache, muscles knots, mouse arm etc..

» Cupping massage - An old tradition that is back! Effective for increased circulation and connective tissue massage...

» Massage + cupping - An effective combination! We combine massage with cupping...

» Facial cupping - A very pleasant and relaxing facial treatment. A powerful weapon in the fight against wrinkles..

» Cellulite treatment (with cupping and special cellulite oil) - Increases circulation and releases toxins..

» Reflexology - We do reflexology by pressing different zones on the feet that correspond to various parts of the body..

» Sleep therapy/treatment - All-round treatment for your sleep problems...

» Mikromassage - A method developed by one of Sweden's most well-known "health profets"...

Combine treatments any way you wish! It's possible to freely combine different treatments,
if you for example want to try:  25 min Swedish massage + 25 min facial cupping or 50 min cupping massage + 30 min reflexology. You combine whichever treatments you want to the same price as a normal 50 min treatment (600 kr)
or 80 min (790 kr).  (Not Ionithermie.) Just let us know what treatments you would like!

Package price - We give discounts if you want to buy 5 or more treatments. Contact us for more info.

Gift card - Give the gift of relaxation to someone you like! We have nice giftcards.
If you can't come by our clinic, we can send you a giftcard by mail (free postage within Sweden).
The gift card can be sent directly to the recipient, if you wish.
Last-minute gift? We can e-mail you a Gift card that you can print out.

Do you get healthcare funds from work?- We accept Friskvårdscheckar and collaborate with Wellnet.
We can also send an invoice to your employer for treatment costs or give you a receipt that you can give to your employer for a refund.